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A Crossing Point

Structural Integration ~ Bodywork

Carol K Walradt BS, LMP

helping others create a body & life in alignment & balance

Structural Integration ~ Bodywork is a powerful, dynamic and integrative system of  body education seeking to optimize the health and function of the human body. 

During a session, the fascia or connective tissue of the body is physically manipulated, along with movement re-education and dialogue to create a connection between movement, body alignment and personal awareness.   

Structural Bodywork is often sought after by those seeking the physical relief of pain and tension in their body.  These “symptoms” of discomfort are usually a result of an underlying pattern of imbalance occurring within the person.  Rather than just treating “symptoms”, Structural Integration is about rebalancing and realigning the entire body.  As a result, “symptoms” dramatically diminish or disappear completely.  Clients learn simple new ways of moving during the session that continues the rebalancing and integrating process long after the session is complete.

The intent of a Structural Integration ~Bodywork session is to balance the physical body. During the rebalancing process, focus is on the whole person.  We are more than our physical being.  We are our thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, belief systems and behavior patterns.  As the physical structure aligns in gravity an opening of an individual’s potential occurs.  The body is now able to process experiences more effectively and with greater awareness.  Learning and perceptual abilities are also enhanced.

Clients who live in bodies with more balance and alignment often report positive changes stating:  greater flexibly, a feeling of lightness and fluidity, increased breathing capacity, more energy, better balance and greater self-confidence.  In addition, life seems easier with less stress and the improved ability to handle life’s changes.  Work and play also become more rewarding.

    Structural Integration Has Been Effective in Treating

  1. Bullet    Sports Injuries                                           

  2. Bullet    Auto Accident Injuries

  3. Bullet    Chronic Pain

  4. Bullet    Whiplash

  5. Bullet    Fibromyalgia

  6. Bullet    Carpal Tunnel

  7. Bullet    Joint Pain   

  8. Bullet    TMJ

  9. Bullet    Depression   

  10. Bullet    ADD

  11. Bullet    Tension

  12. Bullet    Aches & Pain

   Structural Integration Improves

  1. Bullet    Posture

  2. Bullet    Balance

  3. Bullet    Athleticism

  4. Bullet    Energy

  5. Bullet    Health

  6. Bullet    Flexibility

  7. Bullet    Appearance

  8. Bullet    Awareness

   Structural Integration Increases

  1. Bullet   Self Confidence & Body/Mind Connection

Structural Integration has been proven to be effective for people in all walks of life