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A Crossing Point

Structural Integration ~ Bodywork

helping others create a body & life in alignment & balance

Carol K Walradt BS, LMP

Structural Integration has been proven to be effective for people in all walks of life

Carol K Walradt BS, PM, LMP, has worked as a career paramedic/firefighter for more than twenty years and was introduced to structural integration over 10 years ago after sustaining injuries, in the line of duty, that threatened her ability to continue her passion to help others in crisis.  With Structural Integration, she was able to heal and return to duty.  Amazed by the profound, multidimensional benefits of the bodywork, she became a Structural Integration therapist.  Her training was at the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration®.

With the desire to help people from all walks of life, live in optimum health and happiness, Carol created A Crossing Point.  She is excited to partner with those interested in natural healing and who desire a body and life in alignment and balance.